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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 cm

Keraquick S1 White

$75.00 Ex GST

KERAQUICK S1-Fast Adhesives Mapei Keraquick S1 Tile Adhesive is a rapid set, flexible S1 cementitious tile adhesive for use with ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaics and natural stone tiles that are not moisture sensitive. Mapei Keraquick S1 Tile Adhesive is available in white or grey, in 20kg bags.

Mapei Keraquick S1 is a powder composed of a blend of special cements, selectively graded aggregates, synthetic resins and accelerators, which develop high bond strength 2-3 hours after mixing. These properties allow floors and walls tiled using Mapei Keraquick S1 Tile Adhesive to be grouted after only 2 hours. Floors can also be subjected to light foot traffic after 2 hours and full service conditions after 24 hours. Where floors are to be subjected to heavy duty use, such as cherry pickers, the floor tiling should have been allowed to cure for a minimum of 7 days. KERAQUICK S1-Fast Adhesives

Mixing Mapei Latex Plus with Mapei Keraquick S1 improves the deformability to meet the requirements of class S2 (highly deformable) in accordance with EN 12004.

Mapei Keraquick S1 can be used internally and externally for bonding to cement-based and calcium sulphate based screeds, concrete, plywood overlay, existing unglazed ceramic floor tiles, cement-based renders, gypsum plaster, plasterboard, tile backer boards. Mapei Keraquick S1 can also be used for the installation of glass tiles and mosaics. Mix with Latex Plus where the glass has a coating on the rear.

Mapei Keraquick S1 is also suitable for the installation of insulating materials such as expanded and extruded polystyrene panels, gypsum boards, glass and rockwool, Eraclit®, aerated concrete blocks, and sound deadening panels.

Mosaics: ca. 2 kg/m².
Standard size tiles: ca. 3-4 kg/m².
Large tiles, floors, exteriors: ca. 4-6 kg/m².
Notes: The above consumption figures represent average values and may vary dependent on the flatness of the substrate and the size of the notched trowel used.

Technical Data:
Mixing ratio: 100 parts of powder, with 24-26 parts by weight of water
Consistency of mix: creamy paste creamy paste
Colour: grey or white
Density of mix (kg/m³): 1500
pH of mix: approx. 11
Pot life: 30 minutes
Application temperature range: from +5°C to +30°C
Open time (according to EN 1346): 15-20 minutes
Grouting joints: 2-3 hours
Set to light foot traffic: 2-3 hours
Ready for use: 24 hours (3 days for water features and swimming pools)

Safety Data Sheet :

Keraquick S1 White

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