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Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 cm


$129.00 Ex GST

PROSFAS 25kg-Floor Preparation  Water-based, solvent-free consolidator with high penetration properties for cementitious substrates.
Consistency: liquid.
Colour: transparent.
Drying time: according to the absorbency of the substrate.
Storage: 24 months. Protect from frost.
Application: brush, flat brush or roller
Consumption: 0.5-0.7 kg/m².
Packaging: 25 kg tanks.

Prosfas is used for the following:
• deep consolidation of cementitious substrates with
an unstable surface or with poor mechanical
• consolidation of cementitious screeds which tend to
have a crumbly surface due to hydration defects or a
lack of binders;
• impregnation and anti-dust primer on cementitious
PROSFAS 25kg-Floor Preparation

Prosfas is a blend of silicates in water solution with
low viscosity and therefore high penetration properties.
It can penetrate to a depth of several centimetres and
when dried, it improves the cohesion of cementitious

Substrate preparation
The substrate must be dry, clean, free of oils, varnish,
levelling compounds and other materials which might
prevent the Prosfas from penetrating.
Pour the Prosfas on the surface with a sprinkler or
pump and distribute it evenly with a broom, brush, or
roller until it is completely absorbed. Very friable or
porous substrates may need more than one coat, in
which case wait until the previous coat is dry.
Do not allow pools of excess Prosfas to accumulate
because they form a shiny anti-adhesive film. To prevent
the film from forming, sprinkle sand over the last coat of
Prosfas and remove the excess sand when dry.
Proceed with levelling or installation of flooring after
making sure the surface is dry. Drying time varies with
the amount of product used, and ambient temperature
and humidity. The recommended application
temperature is from +5°C to +35°C.
Hands, tools and surfaces in contact with Prosfas
must be cleaned immediately with abundant water.
Once it hardens, removal is difficult and can only be
done mechanically.
Surfaces of screeds can be repaired using 0.5 to
0.7 kg/m2 of Prosfas but very porous surfaces may
require four to six times as much. Test a small area,
especially on very damaged surfaces. Apply several

• Do not use Prosfas on non-absorbent or wet
• Do not use on Mapecem or Mapecem Pronto
• Do not use on anhydrite surfaces.
• Do not dilute with water or solvents.
• Immediately clean up any drops of Prosfas from
ceramic tile, glass, marble, and metal surfaces.

safety data sheet: 


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